Sandeep Maheshwari and Vivek Bindra are two prominent YouTubers in the motivational and commercial enterprise area, and lately, there has been controversy between them. For the ones unexpected with the details, here’s a complete evaluation.

Sandeep Maheshwari:


Sandeep Maheshwari is an incredibly popular motivational speaker, YouTuber, and entrepreneur. Known for his motivational films, he has accumulated over 28 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Notably, Maheshwari no longer monetizes his channel, supplying unfastened content material to assist human beings. Recently, he uploaded a video titled BIG SCAM EXPOSED on

December 12, in which two college students claimed to have fallen victim to a rip-off related to a costly route offered by way of a famous YouTuber.

Vivek Bindra:


Vivek Bindra, a renowned YouTuber, motivational speaker, and founding father of Bada Business has won over 21 million subscribers on his channel. Bindra is known for his enterprise-related and motivational content.

Controversy Overview:

In Maheshwari’s video, the scholars alleged that they bought a course well worth ₹50,000 from a popular YouTuber (although Bindra’s call wasn’t explicitly noted) but acquired no price from it. The course supposedly promised financial profits and enterprise knowledge, which the students did not experience. They similarly claimed that the direction of content changed into being free on YouTube.


The controversy escalated whilst Maheshwari’s community publisher mentioned that his team became under stress due to the " BIG SCAM EXPOSED; video. Bindra’s call is no longer directly referred to in Maheshwari’s video, however, it brought about a hypothesis in the comments.

In response, Bindra published a community message challenging Maheshwari to a public dialogue, claiming that Maheshwari had blocked his wide variety and deleted fantastic remarks on his community publish. Bindra despatched his crew to Maheshwari’s residence to agenda a meeting for an obvious dialogue.

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Public Reaction:

The controversy has divided opinions, with many assisting Maheshwari, especially folks who feel financially stricken by Bada Business. However, a few also again Bindra, urging each YouTuber to return collectively on a platform for an open dialogue.

The scenario stays dynamic, with each Maheshwari and Bindra making public statements, and the general public awaits a decision on the continuing dispute.

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