How to Earn Money Online Without Investment: Earn Rs 500 Per Day

How to earn RS 500 per day?

Today we will tell you about online earning applications where we can Earn money online by taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games.  You can redeem your reward in cash, gift card, or other price. To earn Rs 500 a day we need consistency and dedication. And Earn Money Online Money Without Investment.

1. Refer And Earn:-

You can earn money online by referring your friends and family to Paytm, Google Pay, Zupee Ludo, Angel One, and other applications. You will get all this on Google Play Store. Earn Money Without Investment This Is the First Online Earning Application.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

2. Freelancing:-

If you have writing skills, graphic designing, and digital marketing then you can easily earn 500-1000 per day. You can easily earn Rs 500-1000 per day by freelancing. You can use your skills to learn freelancing from platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You can Earn Money Online Without Investment.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

3.Affilate Marketing:-

Even in the Affiliate Market, you can earn Rs. 500 per day, you have to create your Affiliate Link and send this link to the needed person, you have to send this link to your family or friends and open this link. Whatever you buy within 24 hours, you will get your commission.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

4. Online survey:- 

You can earn Rs 500 per day even by doing online surveys. You will find survey applications on your Play Store like Google Opinion Rewards, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. This will help you in giving your daily time and maintaining consistency so that you can earn more money. Before starting the Online Survey, share your basic details like which country you live in, what is your currency location permission, etc. You can earn Money Online Without Investment.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

5. Start Your Own Youtube Channel:-

Create Your Own YouTube Channel You can also earn money Online by creating your own YouTube channel but you will have to give more time but you will get a lot of money. First of all, you have to choose your category and take content like technical, food, Travel, Funny vlogs,s, etc. After YouTube monetization, sponsored content, and super chat you can earn a lot of money without any investment.

Earn Money Online Without Investment

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