Best 5 FD Credit Cards Without Income Proof or Credit Score


Credit cards have come to be an essential financial device in the modern world. Many people find it challenging to attain a credit score card due to a loss of credit score records or profit proof. However, in this weblog, we will proportion with you a few treasured records on a way to get a credit score card without a credit rating or profits evidence.

Top 5 Best FD Credit Cards. 





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1. ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card:

With the ICICI Bank Instant Platinum Credit Card, you could open a Fixed Deposit with a minimal amount of 10,000 and get a credit card with a credit restriction of as much as 90% of the deposited amount. The deposit acts as collateral for the card, putting off the want for earnings evidence or credit score. The card comes with numerous benefits, which include a gas surcharge waiver, reward points, and discounts on dining and buying.

2. Axis Bank Insta Credit Card:

The Axis Bank Insta Credit Card is another exceptional option for those without earnings evidence or credit score. With this card, you may open a Fixed Deposit account of 20,000 and get a credit card with a restriction of up to 80% of the FD amount. The card offers benefits like milestone rewards, eDGE loyalty factors, and gas surcharge waiver.

3. Kotak 811 Dream Different Card:

The Kotak 811 Dream Different Card is a virtual credit card that doesn’t require profit evidence or credit rating. Open a Fixed Deposit account of 10,000 and get a credit card with a restriction of up to 90% of the FD amount. It may be availed via beginning a Kotak 811 Savings Account, which may be completed digitally. The card offers advantages such as cashback, reductions on entertainment and eating, and insurance coverage.

4. Paisa Bazaar Step-Up Credit Card:

The Paisa Bazaar Step-Up Credit Card is a unique presentation that comes with no profit proof or credit rating necessities. The fixed deposit amount is 2000 to 60,000 and the credit card limit is 100% of the FD amount. The card is designed to assist people in rural and semi-city areas who do not have to get entry to formal credit. It offers benefits like rewards on tax payments, fuel surcharge waivers, and discounts on films and groceries.

5. One Card Card:

The One Card is a credit score card for individuals without earnings proof or credit rating. It is a secured credit card that requires a 2000 minimum And Maximum of 100,000 and the credit card Limit Is 110% Of The FD Amount.. The card gives advantages consisting of cashback, reward points, and gas surcharge waiver.

Benefits of Having a Credit Card There are several benefits to owning a credit card.

Let’s explore a number of them:

Rewards Points:

Credit cards provide diverse praise packages that let you earn factors on your purchases. These factors can be redeemed for reductions, cashbacks, or different blessings.

Interest-Free Period:

Credit playing cards offer a hobby-loose period, which means you do not pay any interest if you clean your stability within a particular time.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver:

Insurance Coverage:

Some credit score playing cards offer a waiver on gasoline surcharges, permitting you to keep money in your fuel costs. Convenience: Credit cards provide a handy manner to make purchases, both online and offline, without the want to hold coins.

Certain credit scorecards include extra benefits like non-public unintentional cover, imparting you with financial security in unexpected situations. How to Get a Credit Card If you do not have a credit score rating or income evidence, do not worry!

Here’s how you could nevertheless get a credit card:

Minimum Documentation:

Some credit scorecards require minimal documentation, making it less complicated for people without income evidence to use.

Add-On Cards:

Another option is to emerge as an upload-on cardholder on a member of the family’s existing credit card. This lets in you experience the advantages of a credit card without the need for profit evidence.

Zero Balance Accounts:

Certain banks offer credit score playing cards with zero stability accounts, doing away with the need for minimum stability. This is a fantastic option for those who do not want to hold a selected stability.

Automatic Renewal:

Once you get a credit score card, its validity is automatically renewed. This ensures that you may enjoy the blessings with no interruptions.

Bonus Rewards Points:

Credit cards frequently provide bonus rewards factors on unique expenditures. These points may be redeemed for numerous advantages, improving your basic credit card experience.

Factors to Consider Before choosing a credit card, it is crucial to remember the following factors:

Joining Fees:

Some credit score cards may also have become a member of expenses or annual fees. Make sure to test the terms and situations before finalizing your selection. Interest Rate: The price of interest on the credit score card must be taken into consideration, as it can vary from card to card.

Online Expenditure:

If you often make online purchases, look for credit cards that offer blessings inclusive of cashback or discounts on online transactions.

Fuel Surcharge:

For individuals who often use their credit score cards for gas payments, cards with gasoline surcharge waivers can offer significant savings.


In conclusion, credit scorecards are a precious economic device that gives numerous benefits. Whether you have a credit rating or earnings evidence, there are options to be had for anybody to acquire a credit card. Consider your necessities, compare the distinct credit score card alternatives, and pick the one that first-class fits your wishes. Happy credit score card hunting!

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